Welcome To Optovue Academy

Thank you for choosing to make an Optovue OCT a part of your practice. Optovue is committed to your success with OCT, both clinically and practically.

Optovue Academy was created to give you and your staff the knowledge you need to make the most of your OCT.

Clinical Education

Learn how to use the data your system delivers, build confidence in clinical decision making and ultimately improve patient care with this technology. 

Technician Training

Enable your staff to become more proficient operators of your Optovue OCT and ensure that they are capturing quality data with each scan.

Please explore the site!Create a customized learning dashboard to store the courses you plan to take and track your progress towards your goals. Participate in the discussion forum to learn from your peers and share ideas. And check back often to access new courses and discussion threads.

We're constantly working to improve the site and your experience with Optovue OCT.


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